The Number One Apprentice from Huashan Sword School, part 4

   “Fourth brother, what is your evaluation of Qingcheng’s Kung Fu compared to the Kung Fu of our Five Mountains Sword Alliance?” Lao Denuo asked. 

   “I don’t know,” Shi Daizi answered. After a short while he said, “Perhaps not as good.” 

  “That’s right, probably not as good as ours,” Lao Denuo said. “Think about it. Master Yu is a conceited, arrogant man. Doesn’t he want his fame to be greater than everyone else in the Martial World? If the Lin Family really had some kind of secret technique, something which could change the average sword moves of the ‘Evil-Resisting Sword Art’ into something very powerful, then if they used this secret technique with their Qingcheng sword art, what would happen?” 

Shi Daizi thought for a long while and suddenly struck the table heavily as he stood up and shouted, “I see! Yu Canghai wants his Qingcheng sword art to be number one in the Martial World!” 

Right at that moment, sounds of footsteps floated in from the street outside. Everyone in the teashop turned and saw a group of people rush toward the teashop in quick steps. From the way they ran, one could tell that they were all Martial people. They were all dressed in oilcloth raincoats, and as they got closer, everyone saw that it was a group of Buddhist nuns. 

The leading old nun was a tall one, and stopping right in front of the teashop, she shouted, “Linghu Chong, come out!” 

Lao Denuo and the other apprentices recognized the old nun. She was Sister Dingyi, the Master of the White-Cloud Nunnery atop Mount Heng-Shan. She was also the junior apprentice sister of Sister Dingxian, the Head Master of the Heng-Shan Sword School. Not only was she a famous Master within the Heng-Shan Sword School, she was also a renowned master of great fame in the Martial World, and all Martial people considered her a tough fighter. All the Huashan apprentices stood up and saluted her respectfully. 

   “We hereby pay our respect to Uncle-Master!”30 Lao Denuo said loudly. 

Sister Dingyi glanced over everyone and yelled in a husky voice, “Where is Linghu Chong hiding? Get his ass out here!” Her voice was even huskier than that of a man. 

   “Uncle-Master, senior apprentice brother Linghu is not here. We have been waiting for him, and he hasn’t arrived yet,” Lao Denuo replied. 

   “So this Big Apprentice Brother they were talking about is named Linghu Chong. He really seems like a troublemaker. What did he do to make this old nun so mad?” Lin Pingzhi thought to himself. 

Sister Dingyi surveyed the teashop and stopped in front of the girl’s face. “Are you Lingshan? Why are you disguised like that? To scare people?” she asked. 

   “There were some bad men who wanted to harass me, so I disguised myself to hide for a while,” the girl answered with a smile. 

Dingyi gave a snort. “The rules of your Huashan Sword School are getting looser and looser. Your father is too lax with his apprentices, and that is exactly what encourages them to cause trouble wherever they go. When I finish my business here, I’m going to have to go to Mount Huashan myself, and discuss this with him.” 

   “Uncle-Master, please don’t do that!” Lingshan begged worriedly. “Big Apprentice Brother just got punished with thirty strokes from Father recently. He was wounded so badly that he could barely walk. If you talk to my father, he might get another sixty strokes of the stick. That would kill him!” 

   “The earlier that animal gets killed, the better. Lingshan, how can you lie to my face! Linghu Chong could barely walk? If he could barely walk, how did he manage to kidnap my little apprentice?” Sister Dingyi bellowed.

  Hearing those words, the faces of the Huashan apprentices turned pale with horror. 

Lingshan almost cried. “Uncle-Master,” she said hurriedly, “that’s impossible! No matter how bold Big Apprentice Brother is, he would never dare to offend fellow apprentice sisters of your respectful school. Somebody must be making up stories to sow discord with Uncle-Master.” 

  “You still deny it? Yiguang, what did the apprentice from the Taishan Sword School tell you?” Dingyi barked. 

A middle-aged nun stepped forward. “Apprentice brothers from the Taishan Sword School said that Priest Tian-Song saw apprentice brother Linghu and junior sister Yilin drinking together in a wine house in the town of Hengyang. The wine house was called something like Huiyan House. Junior sister Yilin had obviously been seized by apprentice brother Linghu and coerced into drinking the wine. She looked…looked very upset. And drinking together with them was that…that…villain who stops at no evil…Tian…Tian Boguang.” 

Dingyi had already known this, but even hearing this the second time around, she became just as angry as before. She struck the table heavily with her palm. Two bowls of wonton jumped off the table and smashed onto the ground. 

  The Huashan apprentices all looked very embarrassed. Lingshan was so worried that tears began to roll down her cheeks. “They must be lying, or…or maybe Uncle-Master Tian-Song saw a different person,” she said in a trembling voice. 

  “We all know who Priest Tian-Song of Taishan Sword School is,” Dingyi exclaimed loudly. “How could he be mistaken? How could he ever speak nonsense? This animal Linghu Chong, he even gets along with an evil person like Tian Boguang. He has sunk very low. Even if your Master doesn’t handle this seriously and covers for his students, I won’t let him go so easily. This ‘Ten Thousand Miles Loner’ Tian Boguang has been a plague on society. I, an old nun, must rid the people of the scourge. When I heard the news and went there, Tian Boguang and Linghu Chong had already spirited Yilin away! I…I…looked everywhere but still couldn’t find them….” Her voice became hoarse. She stamped her feet on the ground and sighed, “Oh, Yilin, my child. Yilin, my child!” (To be continued)

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