WIne Shop Incident, part 4

     “This boy should play a little bitch in the opera. I bet you he would seduce quite a few men. But I doubt he’s any good at fighting.” Yu grinned sneeringly. 

     “This is the Young Master Lin from the Fortune Prestige Escort House. You’ve really got the nerve to offend him!” Escort Zheng hollered.

As he spat out the last word, his left fist was already on its way toward Yu’s face. Yu deflected the punch with his left palm, then grabbed Zheng’s wrist and pulled hard. Escort Zheng lost his balance and fell toward the table. Yu then struck Zheng’s neck with his left elbow. With a crash, the table collapsed to the ground, along with Zheng. 

.Although Zheng was not in the top echelon of fighters at the Escort House, he was not at the bottom either. Seeing that Escort Zheng had been knocked down by Yu within just one move, Escort Shi knew the two would make tough opponents. 

     “Friends, who are you?” he asked. “If you are also the members of the Martial World, haven’t you heard of the Fortune Prestige Escort House?” 

     “Fortune Prestige Escort House? Never heard of it. What the hell is that?” Yu smirked. 

     “We are in the business of teaching manners to lowlifes such as you,” Lin Pingzhi leapt over with a roar. 

He struck out with his left hand, but before fully extending his arm, his right hand struck out from underneath his left hand. This maneuver was called “Cloud Concealed Glare” and was a move from the Lin Family’s Kung Fu style of Universal Hands. 

     “Ho! This sissy boy actually knows a few tricks,” Yu Renyan exclaimed mockingly, blocking the blow with his left arm and stretching out his right hand to grab Lin Pingzhi’s shoulder. 

Lin Pingzhi lowered his right shoulder in evasion, and attempted to punch Yu with his left fist. Yu ducked his head from the punch, but to his surprise, Lin Pingzhi’s fist opened and changed from a punch into a palm strike. With the move called “Flowers in the Fog,” he slapped Yu hard across the face. Now Yu went berserk. He threw a kick at Lin Pingzhi, who stepped to the right and returned a kick at Yu. While the two fought, Escort Shi had already engaged in a fight with Jia Renda, and Henchman Bai helped Escort Zheng up from the ground. Swearing at the top of his lungs, Zheng leapt forward and joined Lin Pingzhi in the fight against Yu. 

“Go help Escort Shi! I can handle this punk!” Lin Pingzhi shouted. 

Escort Zheng knew that the Young Master always wanted to best others, and did not want extra help, so he picked up a broken table leg and swung it at Jia’s head. In the meantime, the two henchmen had run outside. One took Lin Pingzhi’s sword, which was hanging from the saddle, while the other grabbed a hunting fork, and then both started pouring out all manner of profanity at the top of their lungs. 

Retainers of the Escort House were not good fighters, but because they were the ones shouting out the escort songs during trips, they all had loud voices. They cursed in the local dialect. The two men from Sichuan had no clue as to what they were saying, but they knew that it must have been something quite uncomplimentary. 

Yu served Lin Pingzhi's attack
Yu served Lin Pingzhi's attack

Lin Pingzhi focused on using moves from the Universal Hands style to fight Yu. He had practiced this form and beaten many escorts in the Escort House. This was partly because this form of martial arts was indeed excellent, and partly because no one from the Escort House, who valued his employment, was stupid enough to beat the Young Master, thus, even though Lin Pingzhi had a good understanding of the form, he did not have much actual fighting experience. He had also fought some local rascals in Fuzhou before; however, no street thug could prevail against the fighting style of the great Lin Family. In less than three moves, they would all end up running away with either a swollen face or a bloody nose. But things were quite different this time. 

After only a dozen or so moves, Lin Pingzhi had to swallow his pride and admit that his opponent was really tough. While the two exchanged punches, Yu kept taunting Lin Pingzhi with insults. 

     “Hey, buddy! The more I look at you, the more you look like a girl dressed as a guy. Look at those lovely cheeks of yours. Why don’t we stop fighting, so I can give you a big kiss? What do you say?” Lin Pingzhi was enraged.

He glanced over at Escorts Shi and Zheng, only to find that they were not faring well, even though it was two against one. Zheng had been punched hard on the nose; blood was all over his face and his clothes. Lin Pingzhi hastened his moves and, unexpectedly, was able to slap Yu in the face a second time. It was a heavy slap.

      “Son of a turtle!” Yu snarled. “I was just playing with you, you loser. You want to fight for real now?” He suddenly changed his tactics and sped up his moves. Punches poured down upon Lin Pingzhi like a thunderstorm. (To be continued)

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