Wine Shop Incident, part 5

The two fought from the inside of the shop to the outside. Seeing a punch aimed directly at his solar plexus, Lin Pingzhi remembered the release-block technique his father had taught him, so he tried to block it with his left arm, but Yu’s punch was so powerful that he failed to stop it. The punch sent a shock throughout his entire spine, and before he was able to gather himself, Yu’s left hand grabbed him by the collar and jerked him down hard. Lin Pingzhi’s torso caved in to Yu’s strength and bent forward. In the next second, Yu’s right arm was already pushing down on the back of Lin Pingzhi’s neck with a move called the “Iron Threshold.” 

     “You son of a turtle! If you kowtow to me and call me Great Uncle three times, I might let you go.” Yu laughed scornfully. 

Escorts Shi and Zheng were stunned. They wanted to rush over and rescue Lin Pingzhi, but were kept at bay by Jia’s nonstop kicks and punches. Henchman Bai thrust the hunting fork at Yu’s back. 
      “Punk, let go of him! Who the hell do you think you are…?” he yelled loudly. 

Yu threw a reverse kick with his left foot, which knocked the fork out of Bai’s grip and sent it flying into the air. He immediately followed with another backward kick, using his right foot, sending Henchman Bai rolling to the ground. 

      “You stinking turtle egg god damned bastard! The hell with you! Your grandma has no eyeballs!” Henchman Chen started cursing furiously. 

But with each curse, he took a step back, so after eight or nine of them, he was already far from the scene of the fight. 

       “Hey, sissy boy, are you going to kowtow or not?” Yu laughed. 

He pushed down even harder, pressing Lin Pingzhi’s head almost to the ground. Lin Pingzhi tried to punch at Yu’s stomach, but the punches always fell a few inches short. Lin felt unbearable pain from his neck as if it was going to break. Sparkles glittered in front of his eyes and his eardrums were filled with buzzing sounds. He clawed and scratched like a wild cat, when suddenly, his fingers came upon a hard object that was strapped on his shin. Without thinking, he pulled it out and stabbed it at Yu with all his might.

Lin Pingzhi thrust the dagger into Jia's stomach
Lin Pingzhi thrust the dagger into Jia's stomach

Yu let out a sudden shriek and let go of Lin Pingzhi. Dread and terror covered his face as Yu stumbled back in disbelief. The dagger had pierced through his stomach all the way, leaving only the handle showing. He was facing west, and the golden handle of the dagger glinted crazily in the rays of the setting sun. He opened his mouth wide, but no sound came out. He reached for the dagger with his hand, but then paused, too afraid to touch the shining handle. 

Stumbling back several steps, Lin Pingzhi also looked on in shock. His heart almost jumped out of his throat. Jia and the two escorts stopped fighting and looked at Yu in astonishment. Yu finally gathered enough courage to grab the protruding handle. Blood gushed from the wound as he pulled out the dagger. The onlookers cried out in disbelief. 

     “Jia…Jia…Tell my father, se…seek…vengeance…for…!” Yu hissed before dropping the dagger and falling forward onto the ground. His torso twitched a few times and finally stopped moving.

      “Brother Yu, Brother Yu!” Jia rushed to his side and cried out bitterly.

Yu asked Jia to convey a message to his father for revenge
Yu asked Jia to convey a message to his father for revenge

      “Get your weapons!” Escort Shi whispered. He darted to his horse and drew out his long knife. As an experienced escort, he knew only too well that Jia would stop at nothing to avenge the death of his companion. 

Jia glared murderously at Lin Pingzhi for a few seconds, and then quickly retrieved the dagger from the ground and dashed to his horse. He mounted in a hurry, and without wasting time to untie the reins he cut the horse loose with a swift slash of the dagger. Jia spurred his horse hard, and within moments, both the horse and its rider disappeared into the northern horizon. (To be continued)

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