Caught by The Enemy, part 4

“You little rascal,” he snarled, “starting this day, I am going to slap you eighteen times a day, from here all the way to Mount Qingcheng. I am going to slap you till your puny little face is changed beyond recognition!” 

Filled with hatred, Lin Pingzhi spat at Jia Renda. Because the two were only a foot from each other, Jia Renda had no chance of dodging, and the wad of saliva hit him right on the nose with a wet smack. Jia Renda was furious. He hurled Lin Pingzhi to the ground and began to kick him on his back. 

   “Enough, enough!” Fang Renzhi restrained Jia with a big grin. “If you kick him to death, how are we going to explain this to the Master? This scum is as fragile as a girl; he can’t handle your punches and kicks.” 

Jia Renda’s Kung Fu was just average, but his character was even worse. His Master was never fond of him, and even his fellow apprentices looked down on him. So, when he heard Fang Renzhi’s words, he didn’t dare kick Lin Pingzhi again. Instead, he spat at Lin Pingzhi to vent his anger. 

Fang and Yu carried the three members of the Lin family into the small restaurant and threw them onto the floor. 

The Ugly Girl dragged Lin Pinzhi to save him
The Ugly Girl dragged Lin Pinzhi to save him

   “Let’s eat something first before we start our trip. Junior apprentice Jia, go cook us something, will you?” Fang Renzhi commanded. 

   “Sure,” Jia Renda answered in compliance. 

   “Senior apprentice brother Fang, we have to be careful not to let these three escape. The old one’s Kung Fu isn’t half bad; we’ll have to figure something out,” Yu Renhao mused.   

 “That’s easy!” Fang Renzhi said with a nasty grin. “After we eat, we’ll just cut the nerves and tendons in their wrists and ankles. We can thread these three sons of turtles’ collarbones with a rope and tie them together, just like a string of crabs. I’ll bet you nobody can run away then!” 

   Lin Pingzhi let loose a torrent of abuse. “If you’ve got guts, kill the three of us right now. Only dirty lowlife scum would do what you are going to do.” 

   “One more word out of your little rascal’s mouth, and I’ll find some cow dung or dog crap to stuff your mouth with.” Fang Renzhi threatened him with a wolfish grin. These words silenced Lin Pingzhi, although it made him almost pass out with rage. He shut his mouth immediately and did not dare say another word.

   “Junior apprentice brother Yu,” Fang Renzhi said. “Our Master taught us the seventy-two moves of the ‘Evil-Resisting Sword Art,’ and we actually did a good job performing them. As soon as the Chief Master Lin saw those moves, he was scared out of his wits, and his body just gave out on him. Chief Master Lin, I guess you must be wondering at this very moment: How the hell did the Qingcheng Sword School learn the Lin family’s ‘Evil-Resisting Sword Art’? Am I right?” 

At the moment, that was exactly the question Lin Zhennan was pondering in his head: “How the hell did the Qingcheng Sword School learn the Lin family’s ‘Evil-Resisting Sword Art’?” 

Lin Pingzhi wanted more than anything to get up and fight Fang Renzhi and Yu Renhao to the death, but with several of his acupoints sealed, he was unable to move any muscle from his lower body. He would become a complete invalid if they were to cut the nerves and tendons of his limbs and thread him through the collarbone, and he would rather die fighting than go through all that pain. 

   Suddenly, screams sounded from the back kitchen. “Ah…Ah…!” 

It was a long cry filled with pain, and it was the voice of Jia Renda. Fang Renzhi and Yu Renhao both jumped up with their swords drawn and dashed into the kitchen immediately. A shadow flashed by the door, and a person glided in silently, then grabbed Lin Pingzhi by the collar and picked him up. Lin Pingzhi cried out in surprise when he caught a glimpse of the pox-covered face of his rescuer: it belonged to the ugly wine-selling girl, who had caused all this trouble to begin with. 

The ugly girl dragged him all the way out the front door. When they reached the big tree where their horses were reined, she grabbed him by the back with her left hand and lifted him up onto the back of the horse. With Lin Pingzhi still in a state of shock, the girl pulled out a sword and swung it swiftly. The blade flashed and the rein was cut free. She prodded the thigh of the horse with her sword; feeling pain, the horse let out an angry neigh, and then pounded madly into the woods. 

“Mom! Dad!” Lin Pingzhi shouted. Worrying about his parents and not wanting to run away by himself, he pushed hard against the back of the horse and fell off. After tumbling some distance on the ground, he found himself deep within some tall bushes. Meanwhile, the horse did not stop running and soon disappeared into the woods. (To be continued)

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