Unscathed Murder, part 3

The more Lin Zhennan heard, the more concerned he became. But still, getting into a fight with an outsider and having it result in his death was not the end of the world. He listened to the whole story from his son without turning a hair. When Lin Pingzhi finished, he pondered in silence for a moment and then asked, “Did these two fellows ever mention which clan or gang they belonged to?” 

    “Not a word,” Lin Pingzhi answered quickly. 

    “When they spoke or did things, did you notice anything unusual?” Lin Zhennan inquired further. 

    “I didn’t see anything unusual. The fellow Yu….” 

    “Did you say the man’s name was Yu?” Lin Zhennan interrupted.

    “Yes. I heard the other guy calling him Brother Yu. But it might have been something else. They had accents, so I couldn’t understand them too well.” 

    “It can’t be! It can’t be a coincidence. Master Yu said he was going to send someone over; how could they have arrived at Fuzhou so quickly? They don’t have wings,” Lin Zhennan shook his head and muttered to himself. 

 lin zhennan was listening to the story of the incident from his son
 Lin Zhennan was listening to the story of the incident from his son

   “Father, you don’t think those two were from the Qingcheng Sword School, do you?” Lin Pingzhi’s voice quivered. 

     Lin Zhennan did not answer; instead, he performed a move and asked, “When you attacked him using this move from the Universe Hands, how did he fend it off?” 

    “He couldn’t fend off that move, so I slapped him hard on the face,” Lin Pingzhi replied. 

   “Good! Very good! Excellent!” Lin Zhennan smiled. The room had been filled with foreboding, but now that Lin Zhennan showed a smile, Lin Pingzhi felt quite relieved and could not help smiling himself. 

    “When you hit him with this move, how did he respond?” Lin Zhennan asked again, performing more different moves as he spoke.

    “I was infuriated at the time, and can’t remember too well. I think I punched him in the chest,” Lin Pingzhi replied.

    Hearing that, Lin Zhennan became even more relaxed. “Very good! Your move should have hit him that way. If he couldn’t even block a simple move like that, he couldn’t be a close relative to the famous Master Yu of the Qingcheng Sword School, Pine-Wind Temple.” 

He kept saying “very good,” but he wasn’t complementing his son’s fighting skills; he was just relieved. There must be many people named Yu in the province of Sichuan; if this particular Yu could not even beat his son, he must have been a terrible fighter. Such a rotten fighter definitely had nothing to do with the Qingcheng Sword School. He kept tapping on the table with his right middle finger as he pondered upon the situation. 

   “How did he grab hold of your head?” he asked, and Lin Pingzhi demonstrated how he couldn’t move when his head was held. 

    Henchman Chen also felt much encouraged. “Bai was trying to poke him with a hunting fork,” he interrupted, “but the fork was knocked out by the guy’s back kick and then Bai was also kicked down.” 

    Lin Zhennan felt a shock run through his spine. He asked immediately, “He kicked Bai with a back kick and then kicked the fork out of his hands? How…how did he perform those kicks?” 

    “It was something like this.” Chen grabbed the back of a chair and threw a reverse kick with his right foot, then jumped and threw another back kick with his left foot. These two kicks looked very clumsy, almost like a horse kicking back its hind legs. Lin Pingzhi watched the two clumsy kicks and could not help laughing. “Dad, see….” But then seeing the fearful expression on his father’s face, he stopped abruptly. 

   “These two kicks seem to be the unique “Shadowless Kick” maneuver of Qingcheng. Son, how did he perform the kicks exactly?” Lin Zhennan inquired. 

    “My head was held at that moment. I couldn’t see how he kicked,” Lin Pingzhi said. 

   “Of course! I’d better ask Escort Shi.” Lin Zhennan exited the room and yelled, “Where is Escort Shi? Why isn’t he here yet?” 

Two henchmen came over and reported that nobody had yet to be able to find Escort Shi. Feeling the uneasiness growing inside him rapidly, Lin Zhennan paced up and down in the garden hall, thinking, “If the two kicks were indeed the “Shadowless Kick” technique, then even if the fellow was not a close relative of Master Yu, he must’ve had some kind of connection with the Qingcheng Sword School. If that’s the case, then who was he?” He finally decided to check it out himself. So he ordered the henchmen, “Go get Escort Cui and Escort Ji.” 

Escorts Cui and Ji were the careful types, both experienced and prudent, and well trusted by Lin Zhennan. Having heard about the sudden death of Escort Zheng and the disappearance of Escort Shi, they were already waiting outside the hall. As soon as they heard their names called, both walked into the room. (To be continued)

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