Survived from a Licentious Fighter, part 2

  “Brother Tian-Song, you don’t have to repeat the story. I will tell him what you said earlier,” Liu Zhengfeng volunteered. Turning his head to Lao Denuo, he said, “Nephew apprentice Lao, nephew apprentice Linghu and you fellow apprentices came a long way to my ceremony. I really appreciate the good will of apprentice brother Yue and all of you nephew apprentices. But we don’t know how nephew apprentice Linghu met Tian Boguang, and so we must find out the truth. Since our Five Mountains Sword Alliance is like a big family, if nephew apprentice Linghu has truly done something wrong, it is up to us to give him some advice….” 

   “What advice? Purge the school by chopping off his head!” Priest Tian-Men shouted angrily. 

  “Apprentice brother Yue is always strict with respect to school rules, and the Huashan Sword School has always had a first-class reputation. This time nephew Linghu really went a little bit too far,” Liu Zhengfeng said with a sigh. 

  “You still call him a nephew? Nephew my ass!” Priest Tian-Men swore angrily. After the words came out, he realized that as a Head Master of a big sword school, it was really not appropriate for him to use such foul language in front of Sister Dingyi. But it was already too late to take it back. So he let out a loud breath and sat back down angrily. 

   “Uncle-Master Liu, would you be kind enough to tell me what happened?” Lao Denuo requested. 

Liu Zhengfeng said, “Just now, priest brother Tian-Song told us that this morning, he went to the Huiyan Wine House in Hengyang with Chi Baicheng, the apprentice of priest brother Tian-Men, to have a couple of drinks. When they went up to the wine house on the second floor, they saw three people drinking and eating there: the wicked rapist Tian Boguang, nephew apprentice Linghu, and the little apprentice of Sister Dingyi, Yilin. Priest brother Tian-Song felt it was very strange. He didn’t know any of those three, but from their clothing, he could tell that one was an apprentice of the Huashan Sword School, and one was an apprentice of the Heng-Shan Sword School. Please hold your anger, Sister Dingyi. Nephew apprentice Yilin was coerced; it was obvious that she was not there of her own free will. 

   “Priest brother Tian-Song said that Tian Boguang was a man of about thirty years of age dressed in nice clothes. He didn’t know who the man was, but later he heard nephew apprentice Linghu saying, ‘Brother Tian, although you have Qing-Gong32 skills unsurpassed in the entire Martial World, if you have really bad luck, no matter how good your Qing-Gong skills are, you won’t be able to escape.’ Since his surname was Tian and he had the best Qing-Gong skills in the Martial World, there was no doubt he must have been ‘Ten Thousand Miles Loner’ Tian Boguang. Priest brother Tian-Song is one who hates evil as if it was his personal enemy. When he saw the three drinking and eating together, of course he was enraged.” 

   “Yes!” Lao Denuo answered, thinking, “Three people drank together in the Huiyan Wine House. One was the infamous rapist, one was a little nun, and the other was the big senior apprentice of our Huashan Sword School; it was indeed quite an odd scene.”

   Liu Zhengfeng continued, “He then heard Tian Boguang saying, ‘I, Tian Boguang, come and go as I please, traveling around the world alone. What’s there to worry about? Since we have already seen this little nun, why not just let her stay here and accompany us…?’” 

At Liu Zhengfeng’s words, Lao Denuo cast a suspicious glance at him, and then also sneaked an equally suspicious peek from the corner of his eyes at Priest Tian-Song. Liu Zhengfeng understood instantly. 

  “Priest brother Tian-Song is wounded very badly,” he said. “Of course he was unable to tell everything so clearly and continuously. I added some of my own words, but the main idea is just the same. Priest brother Tian-Song, is that right?” 

   “Yes…yes, correct…correct!” Tian-Song managed to answer. 

With that confirmation, Liu Zhengfeng went on, “Nephew apprentice Chi Baicheng couldn’t stand it any more, so he struck the table with his hand and shouted, ‘Are you the evil rapist Tian Boguang? Everyone in the Martial World wants to kill you to rid the world of a scourge like you, yet here you are, bragging about yourself shamelessly. You must be tired of living!’ He drew his weapon and jumped forward to fight. Unfortunately, he was slain by Tian Boguang. It was really a pity that an outstanding young man lost his life to such an evil rapist. Priest brother Tian-Song then jumped forth to fight with Tian Boguang. They fought for several hundreds rounds. Priest brother Tian-Song wasn’t cautious enough and in the end was wounded in the chest thanks to Tian Boguang’s dirty tricks. Afterwards, nephew apprentice Linghu still sat with the evil rapist and the two drank together. That is really contrary to the creed of our Five Mountains Sword Alliance. That’s why priest brother Tian-Men is so angry.” 

  “What happened to our ideals of unity?” Priest Tian-Men snarled. “We martial people should be able to tell right from wrong. Associating with such an evil rapist…such an evil rapist…!” His face turned scarlet with anger, and it almost seemed that his beard bristled. 

Suddenly someone called from outside of the door, “Master, I have something to report.” 

Priest Tian-Men recognized it as the voice of one of his apprentices. “Come in!” he said. “What’s the matter?” 

A young man about thirty years of age walked in. He first saluted to the host, Liu Zhengfeng, and all other senior masters, then he turned to Priest Tian-Men and reported. “Master, Uncle-Master Tianbai sent us the message that he has led the search for Tian Boguang and Linghu Chong the two evil rapists, with apprentices of our school, but hasn’t found any trace of them….” (To be continued)

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